COVID-19 survey data

CLOSER Discovery – the UK’s most detailed search engine for longitudinal data – contains COVID-19 metadata from seven longitudinal population studies for researchers to explore in unprecedented detail.

Researchers can search over 4,500 COVID-19 questions to understand the context of data collected or explore over 18,880 COVID-19 variables rich in metadata to discover which will meet their research needs.

CLOSER Discovery features COVID-19 metadata from the following longitudinal population studies:

  • 1946 National Survey of Health and Development (NSHD)
  • 1958 National Child Development Study (NCDS)
  • 1970 British Cohort Study (BCS)
  • Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC)
  • Millennium Cohort Study (MCS)
  • Next Steps
  • Understanding Society: the UK Household Longitudinal Study (UKHLS)